Sunday, 10 July 2016

July Itinerary for the Archbishopthe

1Fri -       Funeral service of Lady Joy Asiagbu in the Cathedral 11am  [b]Baptism of the son of Rev                   Canon and Mrs Gideon Nnanemere and Rev and Mrs Ikechukwu Asodike in the Chapel of    the Healing Cross  Bishopscourt
 Nkwerre at 4pm

11th mon   Episcopal synod of province of owerri at st.peter's cathedral Arondizuogu at 10am

12th tue     Clergy and wives school at ALL Souls D.C.C. The Eucharist at 10am

13th Wed    Meeting of Imo State University Council Owerri 12noon

14th - 17th   A.C.M. Conference in St. Andrew's Church Ebenator

15th Fri        Funeral service of Late Sir Obi Agi in the Cathedral at 11am

16th Sat        Opening Ceremony of A.C.M. Conference at St Andrew's Ebenetor at 10am. Te Dean to stand in for me.

17th Sun        Trinity 8: Conference and Admissions into M.U. and W.G. for Amokwe Parish and Awo Idemili North Parish in Christ Church, Awo-Idemili at 10am. candidates to be prepared separately by their Parish Priests. the Archdeacon to examine and present them. Wife of the Parish Priest of Amokwe presents MU and wife of PP of Awo-Idemili North to present the W.G. Ven. Collins Ugbede to preach, Archbishop gives his charge.

18th Tue           Part of Annual vacation
21st Thu           Eucharist Chapel of the Good Shepherd, Bishopscourt, Nkwerre 8am
22nd Fri            Funeral service of the Church Teacher Gideon Onuoha at 11am St. Paul’s Church Okporo. Ven. Collins Ugbede to stand in for me
b) Funeral service of Mr. John Chukukere in St. Mathew’s Ow/Nkworji at 10am. Rev Canon Gideon Nnanemere to stand in for me.
23rd Sat            Diocesan choir rededication in the Cathedral 10am
24th Sun           Trinity 9: C.M.S. anniversary special Sunday collection
24th -25th Aug   Senior Clergy course at Ibru Centre Agbaraoto. Clerical Secretary to arrange.
25th Mon          Feast of St. James the Apostle (a) Diocesan Clergy Association in the Cathedral at 10am. All Clergy to be present.
27th Wed          Celebration of CMS anniversary throughout the Diocese
28th Thur          Eucharist Chapel of the Good Shepherd, Bishopscourt Nkwerrre 8am.
29th Fri             Funeral service of Ezinne Catherine Oledibe in St. Peter’s Church Ogberuru at 10am
31st Sun            Trinity 10: EFAC, AYF special Sunday Collection b) Thanksgiving for the fruit of the womb after seven years of marriage and successful graduation of M.A., Nnamdi Azikiwe University of Rev Canon and Mrs Gideon Nnanemere in St. Stephen’s Church, Abba at 10am. Archdeacon of Nwangele South, Ven. Ezechinyere Duruanyim to stand in for me.
5th Fri             EFAC opening ceremony at St. Silas Church Ihioma 10am b) Senior Clergy course  ends at Ibru Centre, Agbaraoto

6th Sat            The transfiguration of our Lord. Wedding of Barrister Obioha Ben Okoro and Miss Olaedo Azubuike in the Cathedral Church of SS Peter and John the Divine, Nkwerre at 10am. Pray for God's grace upon the young couple. You are invited. Pray along with us for its success
7th Sun           Trinity 11: Confirmation and Admissions into M.U. and W.G. for Okporo Parish, Okporo West Parish in St. Mary’s Church, Okporo at 10am. Each parish to prepare its candidates and to be examined by the Archdeacon and presented. Archdeacon’s wife presents M.U. candidates. Parish Priest’s wife presents W.G. Preacher – Rev Canon Christopher Onuoha and Archbishop gives his charge.
8th Mon            H.O.D. for July at Committee Room at 10am
9th Tue             Clergy School at the DCC. Eucharist at 10am
10th Wed          Part of annual vacation continues     
11th Thur          Eucharist Chapel of Good Shepherd Bishopscourt 8am
12th Fri             Funeral Service of Mrs. Virginia Abazue in St. Mary’s Church, Amandugba at 11am. Ven Collins Ugbede to stand in for me
14th Sun           Trinity 12: Education Sunday Special Collection
18th Thur          Eucharist Chapel of the Good Shepherd Bishopscourt 8am
19- 20 Fri         Church workers children’s retreat at the DCC. Workers to send their children
21st Sun            Trinity 13:
24th Wed          Feast of St. Bartholomew the Apostle
25th Thur          Eucharist Chapel of the Good Shepherd Bishopscourt, Nkwerre 8am
27th  -31st         Boys Brigade training at All Saints Amaifeke
21-31st             Girls Brigade training at St. John’s Amurie Omanze
28th Sun           Confirmation and Admissions into MU and WG for Ihiteowerre Parish and Obinugwu parish in St. Andrew’s Obinugwu at 10am. Parishes to prepare their candidates separately, to be examined and presented by the Archdeacon. Parish Priest’s wife of Obinugwu presents MU candidates and PP’s wife of Ihiteowerre presents WG candidates. Rev Canon Gideon Nnanemere to preach. Archbishop gives his charge.
3RD Sat             Dedication of St. Peter’s Church hall, Ibele and foundation stone laying ceremony of their new parsonage – preacher Rev Canon James Onuoha.

4th Sun             Trinity 14: Attend the Golden Jubilee Anniversary of Lady Agbajiogu and Silver Jubilee of their wedding in St. Andrew’s Church, Obinugwu at 10am

14th -17th          All Clergy Conference at Benue University Makurdi

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