Thursday, 7 July 2016


The 21st century presents a lot of challenges in different spheres of the human life. The social, economic political, religious, scientific and technological changes taking place across the globe has made the work of pastors more challenging as ministers, we must be able to find the right responses to the questions posed and other issues raised by the developments of the times we are in. Nigeia is not left out in this ecomomic challenges and that should not make a clergy to deviat from his calling. The minister of God as suppose must not pretend about the ealities of our days byut must be sufficiently equipped to respond adequately to them fo him to positively carry out the great commission and affect the society as God expected.for a pastor to be effectively positioned to meet the challenges ahead, let him examine this questions.1 who is a pastor,minister,clergy may be determined by the organisation. What is ministery all about and what mandate or calling do you have to satisfy your diocese, organisation, self or God.
The Anglican ordination of deacons and priests is done in two liturgical seasons in the year namely Trinity and Advent ordinations The Incumbent Bishop conducts the service on a Sunday of the season and must be done in the presence of the congregation. Also there are two orders of ordination in the Anglican communion and they are that of a deacon and the priesthood. The bishops are consecrated while the Archbishop is presented. On the day of ordination the peopleto be ordained are already in their robes minus the stoles after the retreat arranged by the diocese three or two to the ordination time. They will move from the retreat centre to the ordination church or cathedral. The retreat is the time of decision for the deacons and priests to be ordained into the sacred order. Whether to go away or continue maybe because of the task ahead the way the work sounds is not the way it is. Those who are in may want to come out and those outside would want to go in. The retreat is as important as when you received the call into the ministry, the bishop laying his hands severally upon the head of every one of them the laying of hands determines the seniority. The bishop gi;ving them licences says “take thou authority to execute the office of a deacon”, If  it is a priest take thou authority to execute the office of a priest. Following this the bishop delivers to everyone of them the new testament in case of a deacon a full bible in case of a priest. After that the clergy director dresses the deacons with a white stole in a yoke form signifying that he has a limited function of the church work to do and he is strictly under order. The following things ust satisfy the bishop before any ordination. Sending out of Si-guis duely signed by his home Vicar and sent to the bishop. Again the examination by the bishop or his chaplains to know if he met the standards.
The third is the questions and the signing before the jurisdictions at the ordination service. With all this in place, the bishop ordains and takes responsibility of the priest. To post,and prefer. Ordination day is a memorable day in the life and family of the ordained. A day that marks the diffefence between the leity and the sacred order. The ordained must not forget that if any minister is to withness growth in the work he must identify and acknowledfge who the owner of the work is.
If the Holy Spirit is not in full control of any pastor’s work or church, then every work including the worker will faint, it is a matter of time.

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